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Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ;

Currently we are re-organizing the Celtic Christian Communion (CCC) and are offering lay membership in the Ecumenical Order of St. Columbia (EOSC) and we can give someone status as a Licensed Worship Leader to start their own local organization/church. Under our organization a Licensed Worship Leader has similar status to a Deacon but is not ordained. When we are able to again offer ordination the first preference will be given to those currently serving as Licensed Worship Leaders. We are still accepting in applications for incardination at this time.

We stress ministry with the CCC is on a volunteer UNPAID basis, while certain parishes (local churches) may arise that are able to support the pastor financially this is not the normal situation. In order to apply for membership in the Order of St. Columba or as a Licensed Worship Leader please fill out the form below and either mail or email to Rev. Bro. Tom Mills . Please be sure to read our Statement of Beliefs before completing the following application as you need to make an affirmation of belief when submitting this application. Licensed Worship Leaders will have to have documented training in the scriptures both Old and New Testaments, a good understanding of general theology and the differences in Celtic theology. Prior to writing and doing sermons of their own it is recommended that they take a course in Homiletics (Preaching). You may contact Rev. Bro. Tom Mills  for advice and assistance at any time in setting up your local worship center. Applications for a Worship Leader normally automatically include the application to the EOSC. Application to the CCC or EOSC will automatically allow you to become a member of the Celtic Christian Communion Google Email Group [ ]

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