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Statement of Beliefs

1. We believe that Jesus is the Christ and our personal Lord and Savior.
2. We believe in The Holy Trinity (The Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

3. We believe that God is Love

4. We believe that Reconciliation is through Christ Jesus
5. We believe in the historic creed of Nicene.
6.. We believe in the inerrancy and divine inspiration of Holy Scriptures.
7. We believe in the seven sacraments of the Church: Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist (Communion), Anointing and Prayers for the Sick, Confession and Reconciliation, Marriage, and Holy Orders.

8. We believe in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as expressed within the  Nicene Creed

9. We believe and accept the doctrines of the Seven Early Church Ecumenical Councils.

10. We believe and appreciate the wisdom and guidance of the Early Church and Celtic Fathers and Mothers.




1. We believe that the sacrament of Holy Orders is equally open to men and women, as this is in accordance with the ancient Celtic church.  This principle of our faith is unchangeable.

2. We believe that celibacy of those in Holy Orders is a personal decision.
3. We believe that abortion and euthanasia is the taking of human life.
4. We believe in the responsible stewardship of our planet.

5. We believe in honoring the Jewish Sabbath besides Sunday Services. Following the most ancient custom of the Church.

6. We believe in the expression of the Convergence Movement which area the mixture of the evangelical , charismatic and sacramental expression of the Christian Faith.
7.We believe in the sanctity of marriage, however we believe that Jesus is merciful and those who have been divorced and/or remarried are offered the all of sacraments of the church and specifically they are eligible for ordination.
8.We believe in the purity of sexuality within a marriage relationship, thus we do not ordain those with promiscuous relationships.
9. We believe contraception is a personal decision.
10. We believe and follow scripture in all matters.



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