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The Ecumenical Order of Saint Columba


Dedicated to St. Columba who was called one of the twelve apostles of Ireland. Founder of the religious community at Iona which was instrumental in spreading Christianity throughout Scotland and Northern England and was a center for Celtic Christianity. We also consider St. Morgan as a special Saint to all in the Celtic Christian Church.


The Ecumenical Order of St. Columba functions as a Monastery or Abby without walls. Lay and Ordained brothers and sisters become members by taking their vows and filling out the vocations form and sending it in. Either temporary vows valid for a period of one to five years or perpetual vows for life. There is the option to renew the perpetual vows as well. You do not need to become a member of the Universal Celtic Christian Communion in order to be a member of the Order of St. Columba, conversely you do not need to become a member of this order in order to become a member of the Celtic Christian Communion.


Normally, it is expected that members in the order perform daily devotions with prayers and scripture readings. Daily devotions with a Celtic orientation can be obtained by visiting When you join the group you will receive information on the Celtic Saints for that day and a daily devotion. There are many outreach opportunities also available in your local communities that members of the order are encouraged to participate with. Helping Hands, Food Banks, Habitat for Humanity, are several good ones or you can go and spend time at a local senior center, a hospital or hospice. If anybody from the order sends us pictures of their volunteer activities we will publish them here for everyone to see.


Members in this order are also encouraged to continue reading and expanding their knowledge. Here are several books that it is recommended to start with:


Listening for the Heartbeat of God A Celtic Sprituality by J. Philip Newell

The Book of Creation An Introduction to Celtic Spirituality by J. Philip Newell

The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George G. Hunter III

The Celtic Way of Prayer by Esther De Waal


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