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Message Board



Become a member of the Celtic Christian Communion message google group by sending an email to Bishop Tom Mills with your full name, address, telephone number and of course your email address or the email address you want the messages to go to. It would also be helpful to tell us about your interests and why you are interested in Celtic Christian Spirituality. If you have already applied to be come a member of the Ecumenical Order of St. Columba or applied to be a Licensed Worship Leader no other email is required. In a few days you will start receiving mails from us that have a subject line that starts with the words "The CCC E-Group" to send an email to every one in the group once you are a member you can send an email to "" If you have multiple e-mail accounts please be aware only the email account that was listed will be able to send e-mails to the group.


As a member of the Message Group, you will have the attention of the Church Leadership and be able to help shape and grow the Celtic Christian Communion in what could be profound ways. The rules to the message board are few and simple. Violations of these rules could result in removal from the Message Group.


1. Treat every one with respect.

2. No profanity or pornographic material, after all this is a church organization!

3. Members should not pass political views nor political propaganda for any party or viewpoint except as it reflects on this Church's stance on the issues. In other words it is Okay to propose that the Church takes a stance and to discuss the pros and cons of the stance.

4. It is not okay for any one to pass information that is not factual and verifiable, and any source of information should be referenced, and any quotes attributed to the proper source.



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